Founder, Lash & Brow Educator, Online Business Coach

Licenses, Certifications Received, Classes and Workshop Attended & Career

  • 2001-2002 Graduate of Scientific Marvel School of Esthetics

  • 2006 PeepShow Classic Lash Certification

  • 2008 En Vogue Classic Lash Certification

  • 2010 PeepShow Advanced Classic Lash Certification

  • 2011 Lash Lift Certification

  • 2013 to Current Owner of Eye Candy Lash + Brow Boutique

  • 2013 Lash FX Volume 2.0

  • 2014 Irina Levchuk Volume

  • 2015 Sleek Brows Certification

  • 2015 Sleek Brows Brow Extension Certification

  • 2015 – 2016 Sleek Brow Educator

  • 2016 Microblading Certificate – Centre of Permanent Cosmetics

  • 2016 Eyeliner + Lip Micropigmentation – Centre of Permanent Cosmetics

  • 2016 Lash Affair Volume Certification

  • 2016-2017 The first Lash Affair Educator + Distributor for Canada

  • 2017 Mega Volume – Eyelash Excellence by Francine Widdows

  • 2017 3D Beauty Keratin Lash Lift

  • 2017 - Lash FX Global Educators Collective, Excellence in Education in the Lash Industry

  • 2017 NALA – National Association of Lash Artists Certification of an official Lash Educator

  • 2017 - Face Studies Mastery Certification – Maven Artistry

  • 2018 – Official Judge for The Royal Canadian Lash Championships at the ESI Spa Show Vancouver, BC

  • 2018- Lash Royals Bordeaux Mega Volume Certification

  • 2018 - Sugarlash Pro Accelerator 

  • 2018 Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift Educator

  • 2018 Elleebana Brow Henna Educator

  • 2018 December - Eye Candy second location Lash + Brow Boutique with Academy - Eye Candy Lash Academy

  • 2019 2nd Year of Invitation to be a Judge at The Royal Canadian Lash Championships being held at the ESI Spa Show Vancouver March 30- April 1

  • 2019 March - Val Yoom Beauty, Professional Lash Supply Launch

  • 2019 May - The Nala Gala Awards Top 5 Nominee Educator Category, Mentorship Award

  • 2019 June - Fox Cosmetics, Brow Henna Class 

  • 2019 The NALA School for Lash Trainers, Alumni Online Class

  • 2019 October - Revoläshion Mega Volume Master Class

  • 2019 Official Distributor and Educator for Thuya Professional in Winnipeg, Canada

  • 2019 December - NALA - National Association of Lash Artists - Award Nominations:

    • Lash Industry Advocate Award 

    • Lash Studio of The Year Award

    • Mentorship Award

    • Innovative Product Award

I am fortunate enough to be able to serve women looking to become part of the lash industry, teaching them the art of lashing, helping existing artist up-level their skill set and helping them grow their business.


I am a mom to 3 beautiful girls, and have an amazing man who supports me 100% in all I do in life.  I have a big personality in a goofy, quirky and spontaneous way, I am an addict with anything having to do with personal growth as well as with continuing education within this industry. 


Being in the beauty industry since 2001, having built Eye Candy Lash + Brow Boutique and now opening Eye Candy Lash Academy, I have learned and have grown a lot.  I am here to share my knowledge and experience.  Helping women to be able to build + create a life where they can financially take care of themselves is the stage of where I am at in my life.  Lets learn share and grow together!


Lori Kim


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Makeup and Lash Lift Educator

A self-taught makeup artist, certified in both makeup and fashion show application, and a certified lash and brow artist with over fifteen years’ experience in the industry, Nicole Avillanoza has an uncanny ability to create soft, alluring makeup looks that accentuate your beauty and draw out your natural features. 

Nicole began her career in the industry in 2007 as the owner and manager of Faces Cosmetics in Winnipeg. Three years later, in 2010, she moved to MAC Cosmetics, working as a makeup artist there for eight years before moving on to Eye Candy Lash + Brow Boutique in Winnipeg’s Corydon District.

There, she does everything from brow henna and shaping to lash lifts, tints and sugaring. In addition to her wide-ranging retail and beauty background, Nicole has a diversity of makeup artistry experience in a variety of areas, including: five consecutive years with CancerCare Manitoba’s Guardian Angel fashion show; the 2014 JUNO

Awards ceremony in Winnipeg; and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s 2015 performance of The Nutcracker. Nicole’s specialty is beauty and bridal makeup, and while she prefers a natural aesthetic, she possesses the experience and background to work in a variety of styles and applications.

Licenses, Certifications & Career:

  • Makeup artist for 2 decades

  • Lash Lift and Brow Artist at Eye Candy Lash and Brow Boutique

  • Owner of The Beauty Syndicate, Makeup Artistry

  • Certified Sugaring technician 

  • Certified Lash Lift Artist 

  • Eye Candy
  • The Beauty Syndicate







I’ve been in the beauty industry since 2005 having started as a makeup artist then becoming a licensed esthetician and now a Lash & Permanent Makeup Specialist. I have owned two salons in the past, achieved many certifications and taken several courses, and will continue to educate myself as this industry is ever evolving. 

Family is so very important to me. I have chosen my path in life so I can be my own boss and spend more time with my husband and our 3 amazing children. This career has given me the freedom to do that and provide for my 3 kids. I wake up everyday feeling blessed that I have a job I am so passionate about. I am excited to share my knowledge and expertise with my students and look forward to meeting you at the New Eye Candy Lash Academy!

Licenses, Certifications Received, Classes and

Workshop Attended & Career


Became Co-Owner of Portage Location, August 2019

Eye Candy Lash Academy

Volume Lash and Micropigmentation Educator


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